Garden Gazebo Structure

Gazebos can serve as anything to everything .we offer the most innovative and luxurious gazebos at price which fits in your pocket.. we have a variety of fabric gazebos which are of different shape like pop up , domed shape ,and much more. it come along with the high tensile strength steel frame is customized and this frame can easily be adjusted on concrete patio or outdoor tiles. we offer the different type of fabric such as polyester , canvas so the need to have a perfect blend of shade for more appealing exterior. along with these the fabric is water-resistant and does not allow uv rays to penetrate through it. it is easily detachable and can moved to different locations. the external curtains provided make sure the safety at night and make it more royal.

  • Features
  • Steel Frame
  • Fabric Covering
  • Easily movable
  • Cost Efficient
  • Water Resistant


Our transparent gazebos can give you the cool advantage along with the benefit of light filtering through the transparent material. Shimmering in the sun it provides a nice place to spend some time.

Particularly effective in large, spacious gardens it can add that special touch to the area with its attractive appearance. Our gazebos are durable and effective and extremely popular with clients.


Gazebo Structures are manufactured for variety of purposes. We have a huge customer base nationally and internationally that source entrance shed for them from us. We take extra care in manufacturing them to serve utility of out customers. They are available in different sizes and shapes to suits clients' need. They give a beautiful look to the building at a reasonable cost.


A beautiful garden and a custom made gazebo to match. With curtains it looks elegantly royal the slight dome like gazebo top further enhances its beauty. With cushy sofas placed in it, the area looks extremely posh. Much more affordable than stone structures and as durable, these gazebos have the advantage of being movable. Our custom gazebos are offered at competitive rates and completely designed per your individual tastes and preferences.


This canvas gazebo in shades of saffron with a flag atop is ideal for the vast expanse of a golf course. Here the weary sportsmen can rest under its cool shade and relax their bodies. Energised sportspersons can rejuvenate themselves in the cool breeze under the shade of the gazebo. The biggest advantage is that this canvas gazebo is portable. It is very ideal for clients even with small gardens.

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